Merry Late Christmas! For those who celebrate it!

It’s only been a couple of months since I’ve started this and I’m grateful for those who have read some of my posts. Although I have about twenty followers on my Facebook page, I’m just still glad you guys are willing to let me on your facebook feed, at least!

Well it’s almost New Years and if my friends do get together for New Years or New Years Eve, I’ve got an outfit I want to wear! BUT! I won’t post it here, until after New Years.

Book: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; Skinfood Facemasks!; and an H&M Gift Card from my lovely Secret Santa

My winter vacation has been spent on reading, little cleaning and lots of food. I have finished The Secret Garden and Night. I would continue to read The Christmas Carol, but book kept on telling me to read this book instead. It was right. I’ve read up to 300 pages, yesterday. Yesterday! Unbeleiveable! Well, I have finished both of the other books in two days. So that’s not something new!

The only new thing in this outfit is the cream satin blouse I got at H&M the other day! Which I love! For one: it doesn’t wrinkle, two: I stained it earlier and it was easy to get off, and three: its super soft and light!

Say hello to my “stupid” face

Well, I put on some make-up that day, so yeah. If many of you haven’t noticed, I don’t like putting on lipstick, it seriously doesn’t make sense sometimes, like some people can pull it off, but why can’t I? Hm. Maybe it’s not meant to be.

From left to right: A blue blazer & a new oatmeal scarf!

From left to right: A dusty/rusty orange & A sequin peach sweater top!
There was one more gift I got, but I entirely forgot to photograph it! It was another sweater top, like with kimono sleeves, which is very soft and comfy, but the day I wore it was a static-y with I hated it for, but it’s all good.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a wonderful New Years!


by Taylor Swift

It just came out today, right? Goodness, although the lyrics are very short, I would assume that it’s an elder sister or someone older singing this to a very young child and the way she sings it is just simply amazing!

This book, The Hunger Games, is really on my list of reading. It just seems so twisted!
At the moment I am reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodges Burnett. It’s a really good book so far! I haven’t read it all the way yet, but it’s keeping me in, which is a big plus. Haha!

Today is Christmas Eve-Eve, so uh, I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend, or something.

Well, Christmas is within a couple of days! Which I don’t like very much, but I do like seeing bright smiles on my friends when they receive gifts. 🙂 So I just can’t wait for that.

You know what sucks, just the stress over these presents. It is so not fun. You know what I miss the most? Badminton. I miss playing it, because this semester of school really got to me and now that I’m done with it, well just this semester, I think because of how hard I worked, I got the grades I deserved! Like good ones! So far! There are only two classes I am waiting for the grades to pop up, so I’ll just be patient, hopefully it’ll be okay.

I couple of weeks ago, before my final week of my semester began I think that was when my friend and I went to San Diego Zoo! It’s was super awesome and we got super lucky! Goodness! This lady was so nice! I forgot to get her name and thank her a million times!

San Diego has like the best lemonade and sights (well, if you don’t live there)! I love the botanical garden/plan house, so beautiful! I took most of the pictures with my friend’s camera, ’cause apparently I can take photos of flowers really nicely. And these two, I liked that my friend took with my camera.

They had poinsettias lined up around and in the garden. It was very holiday-spirited! Haha!

Coat – Target (of last year)
Long Sleeved Shirt – Old Navy
Shorts – Walmart
Tights – Kohls
Hat/Beret – A gift
Shoes – Payless

Aren’t these shoes adorable!? I really like these ones. The bottom of the shoes are nicely made and gives like 1/4 of inch of lift? And it’s super comfy inside! Although, it used to have laces and I took them off, but I kind of want them back… Where’d they go!?

Ever since winter came along, I’ve been loving tights. I also the tights I SERIOUSLY wanted are at H&M and a nice silk-like blouse, at H&M, that I think I should go back and get. I think I will go back and get those two items, just hopefully those two items will still be there tomorrow or something! Agh! Regrets!

Anyway, tomorrow is the my Secret Santa, gonna give gifts and such, chill and have fun. Or at least try. This year was a very hectic year, but made some good and bad memories, but it’s all okay! I made some minty chocolate cookies dipped in semisweet chocolate, which I hope people will like. And some citrus butter cookies for my family. I hope everyone will have some wonderful holidays!

Happy Holidays!

It’s super cold and dry here in So Cal! I love cold, but I seriously hate the dryness! It’s almost the end of my Fall semester. I’ve got finals next week and I have to study my butt off!

Tomorrow I’m going to the zoo, for fun. Then on Saturday it’s time to hit the books and such! I’m really nervous for every final! But hopefully I can get the grades I want. Or at least expect!

It’s my mini Christmas tree! Although my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, this is just something for fun and for my enjoyment. I think next year I’ll make it red or some other color! Well, maybe!

I am really unhappy with myself this semester. I am allowing myself to get C’s in my classes! Which really shows how much I’ve been slacking! But I guess right now all I can do is ace my finals and hope that my instructors will be very nice to me and give me the benefit of the doubt!

Knit Tunic – Forever 21
Black Jacket – Target/Converse
Black Jeans – Kohl’s
Black Circle Scarf (new!) – ASOS

I finally bought something from ASOS! Their packaging is interesting, but I love the scarf! I bought another for another occasion! 😉 My sister loves my taste in scarves apparently!

I really want to change my hair style and hair color. Maybe over Winter break I’ll do something. Nothing too drastic though! I think… Maybe?

Anyway, I’ll just leave some photos I took outside and of my cute arts-and-crafts thing I did a long while ago and just added. Stay positive!

These were taken by my phone, on 11 November 2011. I went to the beach with my friend. It was wonderful. Cool and wonderful earlier, but later the rain clouds rolled in and so it rained that night.

I will wear this soon, the painted red cardigan. I got it for eight bucks at Target! I love how i try to find deals and that is when I don’t feel too guilty about buying things!

Also, since many of you don’t seem to like (?) my giveaway, I’ll just stop it and give them to my friend. And I’ll try to post more of photos and such, so my blog doesn’t seem too boring.

I hope you all will have a wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving weekend! I simply can’t wait for that break!


I’m gonna start this post with a math/german joke.

The answer: 9W
What is the question?
Do you spell your name with a V, Herr Wagner?

Let me know if you get it, ’cause when I got it… I thought it was funny. Haha!

It’s not really getting any colder where I am living. I’m having a rough patch in my life and I think school work is just in the way of me trying to fix it/be braver. I think I need to like, go chill on my own, find new places with my sister or something, because… Well, I don’t know why actually, but for now I’ll just see what happens. I know I should really do something, but I’m not a very brave person.

So recently, I have some money left over on my debit card and my mom said I should use it! So I guess I’ll do some shopping. I think I’ll buy some stuff from ASOS or something. I’m very stingey when it comes to money; I try to find the best deals and when I see my friends, they just get what they want even if it means their wallet gone. 😦 I can’t do that, guilt just hurts too much!

Starbucks and their new holiday cups!! Ah, I love winter, it’s cold and wonderfully chilly. I have also tried the Mint Mocha Starbucks have in their glass bottles, it’s not as good as the real warm thing. And it’s much too sweet.

I had finally bought a new scarf, it was only around ten dollars! It’s kind of fragile, but I superly like it, compared to the other scarf I wanted to get. My friend helped me choose between the two. 🙂

Wednesday’s (09/11/2011) Outfit
Scarf: H&M
Top/Sweater: Target
Leggings: Vera Wang from Kohl’s
Boots: Payless

Today’s (11/11/2011) Outfit
I didn’t wear the scarf later on, because it was oddly warm
Blazer: Forever 21
Striped Top/Sweater: Target
Blue Jeans: Forever 21
Glitter Flats (not pictured): Payless

I don’t know, I don’t in particular like wearing jeans, only because they make me feel fat, but that just has to make me work harder to lose some weight. 🙂

So, you all know that I have typed something about a giveaway since August? If I remember correctly… Well now I’ve got something for you!

There will be one winner choosen out of a hat, or a box, and I will just make little pieces of paper with numbers on it and choose it out of my hat or something. 🙂

To win this all you need to do is:

1. Like my facebook page!
2. Leave a comment with your name and e-mail address or some form of contact.
3. For a bonus entry, all you have to do is tweet about this giveaway with my username @thesimplecloset and a link to this post! 😉

If any of you do tweet this, please let me know in your comment and link me to your tweet!

This giveaway will end at December 01 @ 3:00PM PST.
I wish all of you the best of luck! 🙂

Well, my friend’s Halloween party didn’t go well for me. Almost everything/everybody just pissed me off. I will not continue, but leave it at that.

I, at first, planned to be Poison Ivy, I only had a green skirt and nothing else to be a bit more like her. Then I planned to be Wonder Woman and I didn’t have anything. Maybe next year. I also said that I was debating between a black cat, or Red Riding Hood, no red hoods, no cat ears, etc (blah, blah, excuses, right?). And then this, since it was easy, but no one knew who Zatanna Zatara was, so I was beaten down and embarrassed.

I really did like the outfit, but I slightly wished I planned it sooner, so I could get a top hat or something or be more dillgant in doing the Wonder Woman outfit or something. Eh, I liked this outfit.

White Blouse: I don’t remember, it was a long time ago.
Blazer: Forever 21
Black shorts: Target
Black Tights: Probably from Kohl’s
Flower Clip: H&M
Black Pumps (not pictured): Payless (Christian Siriano)
Gold Long Chain Earrings: Kohl’s (and changed the hook to a ball post)

I really liked the way I did my eyeliner that night, it was super pretty! I might do it more often, but I am lazy… So when I do, it might be like this.

I went shopping the other day with my friend, it was interesting, because there were a lot of things I wanted at H&M, but the guilt of the price hurts me, so I just looked at them and said that “It was nice, and I would want it.” Haha! I was hoping that there were H&M magazines, but there weren’t any, so I was sad.

I will probably go shopping more, but here’s a tiny preview of what’s coming up in the next post!

Stay Postive!